NPF Traverse, LLC

Established: 1992


Shuvalova Margarita Ivanovna, Director

Guseva Olga Vladimirovna, head of the water treatment department, Ph.D.




Tel.: +7(495) 223-61-07, +7(495) 223-61-06

For letters: 107076, Moscow, PO Box 42

Activity: Production of chemical reagents and preparations, comprehensive support of industrial enterprises (optimization of water treatment at enterprises). As well as the development of new technologies, chemicals and drugs.


Complex servicing of industrial enterprises: stabilization and correctional treatment of water in systems with hot water equipment, protection of the steam-condensate path from corrosion, cleaning of heat exchange equipment, prevention of biofouling in aqueous solutions. Selection of an effective regime for chemical cleaning of the surfaces of membrane elements. Improving the efficiency of the regeneration of cation exchange materials.


Main products:

Applications: textile industry, industrial water treatment, laundries and dry cleaners, professional cleaning.

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