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Nonprofit Partnership ROSHIMREAKTIV unites 23 companies. These are manufacturers and suppliers of chemical products, laboratory equipment and instruments. It was founded in 2001.
The Partnership is an organizer of the different conferences, round tables, seminars and other specialized events. ROSHIMREAKTIV is a co-organizer and a participant of the exhibition “Analitika Expo”.

Members of the Partnership supply about 4000 names of different chemicals and garanted reagents both domestic and imported. The list of supplied reagents is contained in the Consolidated Catalogue “Chemicals  and garanted reagents”, published by the Partnership in October 2007 (print version) and in December 2008 (electronic version).

“We invite everybody whose purpose is a civilized  business to become a member of the Partnership and contribute to the development of domestic chemistry as one of the most important branches of the Russian economy. We hope for your support! “

The President of NP “ROSHIMREAKTIV” Vendilo A.G.

Figures and facts

January 2001 – Creation of the Association of designers, manufacturers and suppliers of chemical products and labware  “ROSHIMREAKTIV”.

June 2005 – Association converted into Nonprofit Partnership “The association of developers, manufacturers and suppliers of chemical products and labware  “ROSHIMREAKTIV”.

April 2007 – The name of the Assosiation  is reduced. Currently the organization is called Nonprofit Partnership of developers, manufacturers and suppliers of chemicals and labware “ROSHIMREAKTIV” (NP “ROSHIMREAKTIV”).

Summary indicators

The volume of shipped goods, works and services in 2008  amounted to about 2,5 billion rubles.
The total number of employed jobs in the companies- members of nonprofit partnership  is about 1,4 thousand people
The total production area covers more than 10,9 thousand sq. m.
The total storage area is more than 85,6 thousand sq.m.

Indicators are calculated on the basis of data provided by members of the nonprofit partnership.

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