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Magazine “Water Treatment. Water treatment. Water supply”. It assists in the promotion of highly efficient technologies and modern equipment in the field of water treatment, information and methodological support in practical activities.
Magazine “Water Treatment”. It covers modern technologies and new developments in the field of water purification and improvement of its quality, methods of sanitation of pipelines for water supply and sanitation, as well as technological aspects of water purification, disinfection and water treatment.
Non-Profit Partnership The Guild of Environmentalists is an independent association of environmental companies. It unites more than 3500 specialists – ecologists of various profiles, leading laboratories, software developers, scientific, engineering, design organizations.
Internet portal “News of the world of innovation.” He talks about innovations and scientific research in all areas of life, from information technology to ecology.
The magazine “Housing and Utilities Reform” covers the issues of housing and communal services reform in the regions, innovations in existing legislation, bankruptcy and financial recovery of utilities, the introduction of new energy-saving technologies, the experience of managing companies, and foreign experience.
The newspaper “Energy and Industry of Russia” covers the news of domestic and world energy (including the operational publication of company press releases), information and analytical articles, descriptions of new technologies.
The publishing center “Aqua-term” provides information on the technologies of heat, water supply and water treatment. Issues magazines: “Aqua-Term”, “Aqua-Term Expert”, “Industrial and heating boiler rooms and mini-thermal power plants”, “Aqua-Therm Ukraine”; newspaper for end users of equipment – “Aqua-Therm Consumer”.
The magazine “Industry and Security” provides complete and objective information in the field of industrial safety and labor protection in the Perm Territory. The publication is a platform for speeches by representatives of Rostekhnadzor, regional authorities, scientists, business leaders and other experts in the field of labor safety and production.
The Pharmaceutical Industry Magazine presents analytical information on discoveries and developments, equipment, technologies, new drugs, business solutions for pharmaceutical companies.
The journal Water: Chemistry and Ecology publishes original scientific and practical articles and analytical reviews on innovative research in the field of chemistry and technology of water treatment, water supply, sanitation, water quality control and monitoring of water bodies.
Magazine “Factory Laboratory. Diagnostics of materials »The magazine informs readers about the main quality parameters of any substances and materials – chemical composition, structure and property. The journal publishes articles on analytical chemistry, physical methods of research and control, mechanics of materials, mathematical methods of research, as well as certification of substances and materials. This year the magazine turned 85 years old.
The journal “Analytics” is a scientific and technical journal for practitioners in the field of analytical chemistry. This is a single information field for scientists, researchers, manufacturers of analytical equipment, measuring instruments, raw materials and reagents, analytical laboratories, as well as representatives of state and public institutions.
The journal “Chemical Engineering”. Magazine on domestic and foreign equipment and technologies for chemical, petrochemical, oil refining, gas and other industries.
Magazine “Water supply and sanitary equipment”. The journal covers issues in the following research areas: water supply, wastewater and sewage treatment, the use of water in closed cycles without discharging wastewater into water bodies, hydraulic structures of the water economy, abstraction, use and protection against pollution and depletion of groundwater, automation and systems management water management, energy saving, heat supply, heating, ventilation and air conditioning.


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