Established: 1992

Head: Goncharenko Evgeny Vitalievich


Website:  vzsp.net

E-mail: info@vzsp.net

Phone: +7 (48131) 5 28-93, +7 (980) 578 33 47


For letters: 215111, Russia, Smolensk region, Vyazma,  25th October st., 55

Activity: manufacture of perfumes and cosmetics

Specialization: production of surface-active substances (SPAs) in the form of oil-chemical raw materials of plant origin: emulsifiers, emulsion wax, structure-forming agents, plasticizers, lubricants and antistatics


Main products:

Applications: Cosmetic industry, manufacturing of technical emulsions, pharmaceuticals, food industry.

+7 (495) 223-61-01
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