“PromEkoLab” Ltd.

Established: 2009

Head: Ignat’eva Natalia Vacheslavovna, General Director


Website: pe-lab.ru

E-mail: info@pe-lab.ru

Tel .: +7(812) 309-29-40

Fax: +7(812) 309-29-40

For letters: 197341, St. Petersburg, st. Afonskaya 2, office 3-114.

Activity: supply of spectrophotometers of ECOVIEW and Unico trade marks to the Russian market, supply of laboratory equipment of ULAB (China), LOIP (Russia), DAIHANScienti fi c (South Korea) trade marks, supply of laboratory furniture of LOIP (Russia), Expert (Russia) trade marks.

Specialization: Wholesale and retail sale of general laboratory equipment of the well-known Russian brand “PE”, high-quality spectrophotometers of various modifications at very competitive prices, general laboratory equipment of the famous Russian brand “LOIP”, laboratory furniture of the “Ecology” and “Ecology M” series.


Main products:

Applications: chemical analytical and bacteriological laboratories, steel, scientific and educational centers, veterinary stations, schools and colleges.

+7 (495) 223-61-01
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