“NevaReaktiv” Ltd.

Established: 1992

Head: Kamchatov Arkady Evgenievich, General Director, Ph.D.


Website: nevareaktiv.ru

E-mail: offce@neva-reakt.spb.su

Tel .: (812) 325-41-11

Fax: (812) 577-76-06

For letters: 195043, St. Petersburg, Kapsyulnoe shosse, 45, letter A.

Activity: supply of chemical reagents and high-purity chemicals; supply of laboratory furniture, analytical equipment and instruments.

Production and supply of LED equipment.


Supply of chemical reagents, compositions for electroplating, laboratory glassware, furniture, high-precision scales, analytical equipment and instruments. Production and sale of high quality LED equipment.


Main products:

Scope: defense, machine-building, woodworking, food, chemical industry, automotive factories, oil and gas processing enterprises, medical institutions, centers of standardization and metrology.

+7 (495) 223-61-01
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