“Himreaktiv”, JSC

Year of foundation: 1948

Head: Lyamkin Vladimir Nikolaevich, director


Website: himr.r52.ru

E-mail: sales@himr.nnov.ru

Tel .: +7 (831) 272-55-30, +7 (831) 272-55-52

Fax: +7 (831) 224-33-59

For letters: 603950, Nizhny Novgorod, st. Kuzbasskaya, 19a

Activity: supply of chemical raw materials and equipment.

Specialization: complex equipping of enterprises with chemical reagents, technical chemistry, instruments, equipment and furniture for laboratories.


Main products:

Scope: oil and gas, biochemical, pharmacopoeial, chemical, paint and varnish.

+7 (495) 223-61-01
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