Established: 1989

Head: Aleksandr Alekseevich Klevtsov, General Director, Ph.D.


Website: ekos-1.ru

E-mail: offce@ekos-1.ru

Tel./fax: +7(495) 964-98-68, +7(495) 983-59-98

For letters: 107076, Moscow, P.O. Box 42

Activity: Production and sale of our own chemical products and research and development (R&D, R&D and R&D). And also carrying out a complex of research in our own accredited chemical laboratory.


Production of high-purity organic solvents of all reactive qualifications (“pure”, “chemically pure”, “analytical grade”, “high purity”, “without chlorine and sulfur (bxs reagent grade)”), reagents for chromatography, IR, UV spectroscopy, specialized reagents for various fields of application, including custom-made.


Main products:

Applications: microelectronics, industrial water treatment, heat power engineering, pharmaceuticals, textile industry, aerospace industry and military-industrial complex.

+7 (495) 223-61-01
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