The Association “Roskhimreaktiv” cordially congratulates Viktor Petrovich Ivanova happy anniversary

The Association “Roschemreactive” cordially congratulates the President of the Russian Union of Chemists Viktor Petrovich Ivanov on his anniversary!
Viktor Petrovich is the bearer of truly unique knowledge and invaluable experience. Thanks to his endless work, professionalism, dedication and authority, the Russian Union of Chemists is the most influential and representative organization of modern Russia,
contributing to the development of the country’s chemical industry.
The Association “Roschemreactive” expresses its gratitude for such a pleasant cooperation with the Russian Union of Chemists, which has been going on for so many years, and wholeheartedly wishes Viktor Petrovich health, happiness and well-being, inexhaustible energy to overcome all difficulties, and, of course, success in his professional activities in the chemical industry!

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