The Association “Roschemreactive” took part in the XXVII International Scientific and Practical Conference “Cosmetic industry: a look into the future”

The Association “Roschemreactive” on October 12, 2022 took part in the XXVII The International scientific and practical conference “Cosmetic Industry: a look into the future”, organized by the Russian Perfumery and Cosmetic Association.
The conference brought together more than 600 industry experts with diverse experience and many years of experience in the development, production and promotion of cosmetic products.
The main attention of the event participants was focused on modern production technologies, the main groups of ingredients and the supply of chemical raw materials to the industry, the correct application of current legislation and new methods of product promotion.
At the conference, the director of the Association “Roschemreactive” Irina Andreevna Vendilo presented the areas of cooperation between the perfumery and cosmetics industry and MSTH, and also familiarized with the possibilities of the member companies of the Association to meet the needs of producers in raw materials and to seek research and analytical support when changing recipes or optimizing them. The possibility of concluding long-term projects on import substitution of important raw materials for the perfume and cosmetics industry, as well as quality guarantees and logistics provided by chemical companies if raw materials are supplied from abroad, caused a special response among the conference participants.

During the event, the head of the company “M9” Nikolay Daryin told about the company’s developments in the field of nanomaterials for the creation of new innovative products with gold and silver nanoparticles, which aroused great interest among representatives of the perfume and cosmetics industry.









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