The Association “ROSCHEMREACTIVE” in the business program “TEKSTILLEGPROM 2023”

From February 28, 2023 to March 3, 2023, the 59th Federal Wholesale fair of textile and light industry goods and equipment “TEKSTILLEGPROM 2023” was held.

The diverse program of the exhibition allowed the Association “ROSCHEMREACTIVE” to take part in the Conference “Raw material safety of the textile and light industry of Russia“.

During the discussion, Ivan Stepanov, Head of the Department of State Policy in the Field of Light Industry of the Department of Light Industry and Timber Industry of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia, noted the urgent need to address the issue of raw material security, especially in modern conditions. He stressed that there is a tendency to reduce the export of raw materials and the development of its own processing production. However, the organization of such a project requires both a significant amount of investment and the construction of production facilities.

In turn, the partners of the Association told about their own products of enterprises and options for import substitution of textile auxiliary substances (TVV) necessary for the domestic light industry. The conference participants were particularly interested in the availability of ready-made solutions for the import substitution of foreign textile auxiliaries and the replacement of foreign raw materials in the production of TVV.

Summing up, the conference participants proposed, together with the organizing committee of the TEXTILE Industry fair, to adopt a resolution containing recommendations for the Ministry of Industry and Trade. The document proposes to consider the project of organizing its own production of chemical fiber and to make every effort to ensure the raw material safety of the Russian Federation in all areas, not only natural and artificial yarns, leather raw materials, fur raw materials, but also with regard to advanced development in the production of such a high-tech product as low-tonnage chemistry.

You can learn more about the TEKSTILLEGPROM 2023 program and participants on the official website of the organizers


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