Established: 2011

Head: Prudnikov Sergey Andreevich


Website: reatorg.ru

E-mail: reatorg@reatorg.ru

Phone: +7 (495) 966 31 40 , +7 (800) 775 32 11


For letters: 121165, Moscow, Kutuzovsky Ave., 30, premises. 5, room. 1

Activity: manufacture of special purpose equipment, production of pesticides and other agrochemical products, manufacture of pharmaceutical substances, wholesale trade in chemical products.

Specialization: designing and equipping production facilities for highly active pharmaceutical substances (HAFS); equipping laboratories with analytical equipment and consumables, general laboratory equipment and utensils, laboratory and specialized furniture, providing chemical reagents and standards.


Main products:

Applications: pharmaceutical industry, manufacture of solvents, research in the field of chromatography, spectroscopy, analytical chemistry.

+7 (495) 223-61-01
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