How to join the NP “ROSHIMREAKTIV”?

In order to join the NP “ROSHIMREAKTIV” you need to prepare a set of documents (an application addressed to the General Director, а form, copies of constituent documents) and get a letter of recommendation from a current member of the NP.

Documents are provided to the secretariat of the NP, the adoption of a new member is considered by the Board of Directors of the NP and, if approved, is included in the agenda of the general meeting.

The candidate member of the NP is admitted to the Partnership, if he is approved by the General Meeting and pays the entry fee.

Any questions related to the introduction in noncommercial partnership, you can set by calling: (495) 964-98-68, 223-61-01 or e-mail, CEO Yefimova Valeria Petrovna.